September 16, 2017

Fall Essentials 2017

Summer is officially over, a new season begins. The season often associated with phrases like cuddling, falling leaves, Halloween, pumpkins, tea and much more.

Today, I want to share my personal favorites with you:

  • Tea
    One thing I always look forward to as it gets colder is a warm cup of tea. There is nothing more cozy than cuddling up under a huge blanket provided with a huge cup of tea. Spices I really like are ginger-lemon (also very good and efficient if you have to face a cold) as well as anything flavored with apple, vanilla or cinnamon. Another go-to regarding tea in general is green tea.
  • Food
    The love for apples continues. Especially the combination of apples and cinnamon is amazing! For breakfast, a bowl of oatmeal with apples and cinnamon tastes very nicely and is also a warm start in the morning. I know, I have already mentioned beverages above, but a nice cup of hot choclate is also a great recommendation, especially for those of you who do not like tea very much.

  • Reading
    As the weather gets colder and being outside might not be so comfortable, one can always use the time to read a good novel. One book I have read recently that I really like and can definitely recommend is "The monk who sold his ferrari" by  Robin Sharma! It definitely makes you think about your life and everything in general, so this is a great one to read. Regarding classic literature and fall, I have started to read "Dracula" by Bram Stoker and I am very excited how it will turn out to be. My impression after the first few chapters is definitely good!
  • Music
    In fall, I love listening to music that calms you down and helps you relax, but also creates an atmosphere that fits perfectly to the weather outside. Due to the fact that one of my next posts will be a playlist, I will only mention some musicians briefly here: Ed Sheeran and Ross Copperman, for example.
  • Fashion
    One fashion item I love so much in the cold seasons are nice and, indeed, very large scarves. There are so many options to choose from, but nothing is better than wearing one's personal blanket and always feel cozy no matter where you are ;). Same for boots, now it is time to wear them again!


Have a great weekend!


August 14, 2017

Changes & Chances

As you may have recognized, I have changed the design of my blog. I just wanted to try something new. Thinking about it also leads to thinking about changes and progress in general.

Day by day, nothing really changes, However, when we look back on our lives, so many things have changed over the years and we developed different character traits, made new friends, experienced adventures and much more. Some friends stay in our life while others do not. We realize who our real friends are. And this is such a precious thing. Of course, it hurts when you see that someone is not there for you although he or she promised to be. But new friends occur and always have your back and this is worth so much more than having many friends that are only there for you when the sun is shining.

Sometimes, we spend so much time thinking about the past that we do not see the future with all its possibilities right in front of us. We cannot change the past, the only thing we gain from it is learning from previous events and seeing how far we have come. Take a step back and see how much you have achieved, how many things you are capable of you have never thought you would be! 

True friends will always find a way to be in your life. You do not have to see each other every day, you can even live miles apart - but whenever you see each other again, you will see that it feels like yesterday since you have seen each other the last time. Such friendships are amazing, so be thankful for life showing you who is worth it and who is only there to teach you a lesson. This is what I believe, everyone you meet has something to teach you. You may experience good things, you might get hurt - but in the end, all that counts is you and no one can change who you are, do not stress about what others think - be the best version of yourself, and the only one you can compare yourself with is the person you were yesterday!

Believe in yourself, you can do it!!

♥ xoxo

April 10, 2017

Music Suggestions #3 - Currently Listening

"Spring has sprung - April has begun" - Today, I want to share some music with you. Songs, I have recently discovered, some I have always loved and some that fit perfectly to the warm weather and sunny time.

  • "Like a Prayer" by Madonna
  • "Lemon Tree" by Fools Garden
  • "Alone Again (Naturally)" by Gilbert O'Sullivan
  • "Proud Mary" by CCR
  • "Bitter Sweet Symphony" by The Verve
  • "This Town" by Niall Horan
  • "Lot To Learn" by Luke Christopher
  • "Animals" by Ben Hobbs
  • "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something
  • "Treat You Better" by Shawn Mendes
  • "Superheroes" by The Script
  • "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter
  • "Another Love" by Tom Odell
  • "These Days" by Take That
  • "Happy" by Leona Lewis
  • "Unbreakable" by Nick Howard
  • "Lola" by The Kinks
  • "Let It Go" by James Bay
  • "Up" by Olly Murs & Demi Lovato

What are your current favorites?


April 8, 2017

Some Writing - Loving & Hurting & Missing

What is it that we all want to achieve in life? Happiness? Love? Wealth? Purpose? There are so many people in this world -  will we ever find the right one? The one that we connect to on a different level than any other person we met before? The one that makes our life better and completes us? What if we do not find this person? What if we have to spend our life alone? Will we be happy? Will we still feel like everything turned out great in the end?

Yes, it hurts when someone said that he or she will always be there and then decides to leave... Was it my fault? Have I said or done something wrong? Did he or she get bored of me? Should I have told them more often how much they ment to me? Or did I even say it too much and it overwhelmed the other person? Do they even mean what they say? Or are they just scared of the feelings they start to develop, scared of getting attached to someone, scared of being so vulnerable? 

How can someone look you in the eyes and tells you that you are not the one he or she wants anymore? When their whole behavior was so different? When they told you that they would never hurt you? That they will stand by your side, no matter what, and never leave you? When they have touched your soul in a way you would have never thought anyone ever could?

Yes, I miss you... It still hurts... But I am trying to move on... To fall in love again... To be strong. - That is what you feel and what you tell yourself. You will feel better soon. You will find someone who values you and shows you how much he or she cares and will always be there and never leave you. Be strong, move on and you will be happy again!

March 28, 2017

These are a few of my favorite things

The moments you will never forget. The little things in life. Things that money cannot buy. Experiences. Happiness. Feelings.

The air after a long rain

Freshly cut grass

Chirping birds.

Feeling the warm sun touch your skin.

Waves and the ocean.

The wind.

Long car rides with good music.

Laughing with people you love.

Exploring a new city or country.

Making new friends.

Reading a good book.

Goosebumps while discovering a new song.

Long hugs.

The first sip of coffee in the morning.

Looking at the stars.

Having a deep conversation about life.