April 8, 2017

Some Writing - Loving & Hurting & Missing

What is it that we all want to achieve in life? Happiness? Love? Wealth? Purpose? There are so many people in this world -  will we ever find the right one? The one that we connect to on a different level than any other person we met before? The one that makes our life better and completes us? What if we do not find this person? What if we have to spend our life alone? Will we be happy? Will we still feel like everything turned out great in the end?

Yes, it hurts when someone said that he or she will always be there and then decides to leave... Was it my fault? Have I said or done something wrong? Did he or she get bored of me? Should I have told them more often how much they ment to me? Or did I even say it too much and it overwhelmed the other person? Do they even mean what they say? Or are they just scared of the feelings they start to develop, scared of getting attached to someone, scared of being so vulnerable? 

How can someone look you in the eyes and tells you that you are not the one he or she wants anymore? When their whole behavior was so different? When they told you that they would never hurt you? That they will stand by your side, no matter what, and never leave you? When they have touched your soul in a way you would have never thought anyone ever could?

Yes, I miss you... It still hurts... But I am trying to move on... To fall in love again... To be strong. - That is what you feel and what you tell yourself. You will feel better soon. You will find someone who values you and shows you how much he or she cares and will always be there and never leave you. Be strong, move on and you will be happy again!

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