September 16, 2017

Fall Essentials 2017

Summer is officially over, a new season begins. The season often associated with phrases like cuddling, falling leaves, Halloween, pumpkins, tea and much more.

Today, I want to share my personal favorites with you:

  • Tea
    One thing I always look forward to as it gets colder is a warm cup of tea. There is nothing more cozy than cuddling up under a huge blanket provided with a huge cup of tea. Spices I really like are ginger-lemon (also very good and efficient if you have to face a cold) as well as anything flavored with apple, vanilla or cinnamon. Another go-to regarding tea in general is green tea.
  • Food
    The love for apples continues. Especially the combination of apples and cinnamon is amazing! For breakfast, a bowl of oatmeal with apples and cinnamon tastes very nicely and is also a warm start in the morning. I know, I have already mentioned beverages above, but a nice cup of hot choclate is also a great recommendation, especially for those of you who do not like tea very much.

  • Reading
    As the weather gets colder and being outside might not be so comfortable, one can always use the time to read a good novel. One book I have read recently that I really like and can definitely recommend is "The monk who sold his ferrari" by  Robin Sharma! It definitely makes you think about your life and everything in general, so this is a great one to read. Regarding classic literature and fall, I have started to read "Dracula" by Bram Stoker and I am very excited how it will turn out to be. My impression after the first few chapters is definitely good!
  • Music
    In fall, I love listening to music that calms you down and helps you relax, but also creates an atmosphere that fits perfectly to the weather outside. Due to the fact that one of my next posts will be a playlist, I will only mention some musicians briefly here: Ed Sheeran and Ross Copperman, for example.
  • Fashion
    One fashion item I love so much in the cold seasons are nice and, indeed, very large scarves. There are so many options to choose from, but nothing is better than wearing one's personal blanket and always feel cozy no matter where you are ;). Same for boots, now it is time to wear them again!


Have a great weekend!