November 27, 2016

Current Favorites

Today I want to share some of my current favorites with you. Things I recently discovered, always loved or just want to tell you something about. Let's start:

  • "The Lying Game" series by Sara Shepard
    These novels are about a girl called Emma whose twin sister Sutton has been murdered. They have not know about each other, until Emma finds out that she has a sister and tries to get in touch with her. However, her sister is not alive anymore and her murderer wants Emma to be the new Sutton Mercer. Tied to her, Emma has to take her role and pretend to be her twin. Will she find out who has taken her sister away from her?
  • "Who I Wanna Be" by Suite 16
    I absolutely love this song, listening to it always makes me happy :) (I already listed it in my fall-themed music suggestions here.
  • Apple Cinnamon Snack
    Cut an apple into tiny pieces and put them in a bowl. Add cinnamon and stir it until the spice is wrapped arount every piece. Enjoy! <3
  • Large Scarves
    I definitely am a scarve person. I wear them almost every day - and this fall I got myself a huge one, just like a blanket you carry around with you. Absolutely cozy and every outfit looks even better with it.
What are your current favorites?


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