November 16, 2013

Christmas Time - Sharing Time

How are you, my dears? 

In only 5 weeks there will be Christmas. Just a bit more than a month... Very soon. In the shops there are already Advent calendars, chocolate santas, Christmas decoration such as Christmas trees, stars etc. Soon, these special songs will be played everywhere and there are also markets. - Christmas is near!
Do you (already) have presents for the people you love? Or, do you know what you want for Christmas? 

Christmas time also means caring for each other; everyone is nicer during that time - just a small thing a day can turn a normal day into a great one. And everyone is able to make a difference! You can be nicer to the people you love, support them, do things for them. You can also help people in need, for example by donating. Not everyone has a life as great as yours - keep that in mind. 
However, remember: It does not need Christmas time to be a great and caring person - be that way everyday of the year! 

Be the best version of yourself and make the world a better place. ♥

So, what are your wishes for Christmas? Do you behave special during this time of the year? 

♥ xoxo

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