December 3, 2013

Advent Calendar - December 3

How are you my dears?

Today, I want to share a wonderful poem with you. It creates a peaceful and enchanting atmosphere - just as during Christmas time -  and is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever read. It is a German poem and, therefore, I will post the German version. Nevertheless, an English translation will be below. ;)

Joseph Eichendorff (1837) - Romantik

Es war, als hätt' der Himmel
Die Erde still geküsst,
Dass sie im Blütenschimmer
Von ihm nun träumen müsst'.

Die Luft ging durch die Felder,
Die Ähren wogten sacht,
Es rauschten leis die Wälder,
So sternklar war die Nacht.

Und meine Seele spannte
Weit ihre Flügel aus,
Flog durch die stillen Lande,
Als flöge sie nach Haus.


Moonlit Night

It was like Heaven's glimmer 
caressing Terra's skin, 
that in Her blossoms' shimmer 
She had to dream of Him.

The breeze was gently walking 
through wheatfields near and far; 
the woods were softly talking 
so bright shone ev'ry star.

And, oh, my soul extended 
its wings through skies to roam: 
O'er quiet lands suspended, 

my soul was flying home.

Such a wonderful poem - I absolutely love it.

What do you think about it? Do you like poems? If so, what are your favorite ones?

♥ xoxo

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