February 17, 2014

How I Study & Tips for you

How are you, my dears? I think you all know this situation. You have to study for an exam, but you are not in the mood or you do not know how to start or to work properly. Today, I want to give you some tips on how I study.

#1 Your Workspace
This may sound too obvious or unnecessary, but a cleaned workspace with lots of light is essential for good study results.

#2 The Time
Starting to study at 10pm will not bring good results, because you are so tired and your motivation is on a really low level. Instead, studying in the afternoon is way better, because you are fit and you can spent the evening doing something relaxing and fun. I also recommend to start early enough, at least at the weekend before your test - well, that is actually a bit late, but better than starting the night before.

#3 Motivation
Very important! Even if you do not like the subject - set yourself a goal. This might be getting a better grade or simply really understanding the content. Also getting a good graduation grade can be the thing you want to achieve. With a goal you have something you can work on, something that will motivate you.

#4 Structure
First of all, I write down the topics I have to study. Then I start to write summerys - in keywords. Even if I write down exactly the same as in my notes - when I start using a highlighter the sheet will look very different! ;) Further, writing helps you memorizing the contents you write more. When I am done with writing it all down, I read it out. I kind of do some small presentations to myself to remember everything better. The evening before the exam, I just read everything, but I usually do not add something new. If you did not study it until this time, you would not succeed in starting now.

#5 The Exam
During the exam, I recommend to stay calm. Read the tasks carefully and underline what you have to do. Bring something to drink and check out if you have all your things with you, like pens, paper, pencils etc. When you do not now what to write immediately - relax! Think again and start to write - it might come into your mind when you deal with the topic.

#6 After the Exam
Relax - you made it! Be happy, proud of yourself, and do what you love to do. Spend the day by doing fun things and forget about what you could have written or what your mistakes might be.

I hope, this little "guideline" helped a bit. 

What are your tips for studying?

♥ xoxo

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