September 24, 2016

Current Favorites (Fall 2016)

Hello my dears, how are you?

Fall is just around the corner. Therefore, I have decided to show you some of my favorites regarding this season. The season of coziness. Speding a whole day cuddled up, reading books or watching series or a movie.

#1 Favorite Tea
The season of fall = the season of tea. My favorite is roiboos, especially with vanilla. In addition, I also enjoy a cup of apple tea (recommendations are Turkish apple, it contains fig, as well as apple tea with a hint of vanilla). Some companies also sell specials regarding winter, some of those flavors are cinnamon, marzipan, orange or almond biscuit (Spekulatius in German). Do not be afraid to try something new, go for whatever suits you best!

#2 Series
One of my absolute all time favorites is "The Vampire Diaries". It is not only a great one, no, it also fits perfectly to the darker side of fall, the mystic side as it is in Halloween. Another one I stumbled across recently is "Desperate Housewives" -  such a great mixture of drama and comedy. It is very catching and interesting and, just as TVD, a continuing series, so all the episodes create one whole story.

#3 Calendar
As one year is coming to an end. another one is just about to begin. I do not know what about you, but, personally, I like to write down all of my dates on paper. Some are saved electronically as well on my tablet or cellphone, but I am a huge fan of writing it down and having it in a real book. Later, when you take an old calendar in your hands and get through it, all the memories come back; and it is way more personal than only some text passages on your electronic device.
Until this time, I always had a calendar in which every day has its own page. It is very useful if you have lots of things to do or if you like to write down quotes or other inspiring quotes. However, on the other hand, these ones are actually very heavy. Therefore, I have decided to try something new: After thinking about it for a while and having a look at several options, I chose a Moleskine in the "Weekly Notebook Diary" edition. If you take a look inside, you will see this structure: On the left side, there are all the days of the week listed below each other; whereas on the right side there is space for all of your notes or to do lists or whatever you like to keep there. As far as I am already using it, I am very content. Whenever I want to write something down that I need more space for, for example quotes or inspiring texts, I use a separate notebook and this works very well for me.

#4 Books
I have always loved literature and reading. From my point of view, there is nothing better than cuddling up reading your favorite novel when it is cold and grey outside. Here are some recommendations: For entertainment, I enjoy reading Jojo Moyes' novels. Some I like a lot are "The Girl You Left Behind", "The Ship of Brides" as well as "Me Before You". (Recensions on two of them can be found here and here ).
What I also enjoy is reading books about philosophy. It is such an interesting and inspiring topic! Besides, I also like Shakespeare. The language is absolutely beautiful. In some app stores, you can download some of his play for free (e.g. "Romeo and Juliet", "Hamlet" or "Othello"). So just give it a try, it will be worth it!

What are your current favorites? 

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